Young Man Who Wanted to Commit Suicide Gets $1000 Cash from Kind Lady to Buy Car (Watch Video)

Help has come the way of a young man who said he didn’t feel like waking up because of depression.

The man has said he has been dreaming of getting a car for himself but has been unable to do so.

Man who had suicidal thoughts gets a lifeline.

He gets huge cash

On a particular day, he said he had suicidal thoughts because he is battling depression.

But it was on this day that a lady met him and helped to fulfill one of his dreams which is buying a car worth $1000

The kind lady presented him with beautiful rose flowers and then handed him the huge cash thereby giving him a reason to live again.

The moment the money and the flowers reached his hands, he became teary and emotional in the touching video.

Watch the video below:

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@cdero26 said:

“Pay it forward. You have no idea what other people are going through. God bless.”

@dewisanchez commented:

“A kindness to others could save someone’s life.”

@michellefield4 reacted:

“Make someone smile. It’s better for us all to spread love and joy to whoever we meet!! Pass it on. We’ve got to help each other, we’re all n this together!!”

@paula_twin_2 said:

“Crikey, that made me cry. There are some beautiful people in this world doing wonderful things for others. Wow.”

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