You might be speaking wrong English, See some correct expressions

English language is often seen as a simple language but it’s in actuality very wide and dynamic. Due to it’s dynamic nature, what is perceived as correct today might turn incorrect by tomorrow as studies in the language intensifies. Thus for you to be a good English speaker, there is need to adapt and be able to take corrections.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the English mistakes we make and the right expressions to use. If you are seeking perfection in English, then you must take every correction seriously. Just sit tight and enjoy this article whilst learning something new.

What Are Some Of The Mistakes We Make In English And The Correct Expressions?

1. Don’t Say “I am the last born of the family” this is wrong or rather sounds so local this the right expression is “I am the last child of the family”.

2. It is wrong to say “Workers are wanted“. This is because workers are not criminals, so they can’t be wanted. The right expression is “Workers are needed”.

3. Stop saying “I am looking for a job“. As a graduate, your main aim should be to impress your potential employer, so the right expression is “I am seeking employment”.

4. Don’t Say “I want to barb my hair“. This is wrong because barb is not an English word, the right expression should be “I want to have a haircut” or “I want to cut my hair”.

5. Don’t say “For all intensive purpose” this is wrong, the right expression is “For all intents and purposes“.

6. Stop saying “By purpose and On Accident” the right English expression is “On purpose and By Accident“.

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