Woman in Labor Is Turned Away from Hospital, Lies Down on Pavement When She Feels the Baby Coming

After Lizzie Hines was told she wasn’t in labor, she walked out of the hospital despite feeling cramps and contractions. A few moments later, she sat on the pavement, feeling her baby was ready to come out anytime. 

Many women decide not to have a child again after they give birth to their first one because of the excruciating pain they have to bear. Only women who experience going into labor know what the pain feels like. 

When a woman feels cramps in the final days of her pregnancy, she rushes to the hospital, expecting them to calm her. However, sometimes, things don’t go as planned. The woman in today’s story experienced something similar when the hospital refused to admit her. 


During the holiday season of 2016, Lizzie Hines was expecting her first baby. Whenever she visited the hospital for routine checkups during the pregnancy, the midwife always told her to rush to the hospital whenever she felt the first signs of labor pain. 

As per the midwife’s instructions, she and her husband headed towards the maternity ward of University College London Hospital after she felt the first few contractions. 

To her surprise, the midwife told Hines she was not in labor. Hines walked out with her husband despite having the worst pain because the hospital didn’t admit her. 


Instead of waiting in the corridor, Hines’s husband booked a room in a nearby hotel so they could quickly reach the hospital next time. 

“Waters were running down the street.”

Hines walked inside the hotel while holding the walls for extra support. She checked into the hotel room with her husband and decided to wait for a few hours, per the midwife’s instructions. 


About 30 minutes later, Hines told her husband that she was having the baby. She felt a massive contraction, and she was sure her baby would come out anytime soon. 

Her husband asked her to get up quickly, and they headed toward the hospital. Hines couldn’t walk, so she sat on the corner of the street, almost about to pass out. She said:

“Apparently, I let out a huge noise, but I don’t remember that at all. People came over, and I do remember ankles starting to appear around me.”


As Hines sat on the pavement and screamed, feeling her baby coming out, people gathered around her. One eye-witness said, “Waters were running down the street.” Another recalled:

“On that morning when I heard the scream, I thought I was running to someone being mugged or something, but actually I was there to witness such a beautiful baby be born!”

Among the people standing around the woman, some were hospital workers who helped her give birth on the pavement. Most bystanders believed it was a “Christmas miracle.”


That day, it was freezing cold when Hines gave birth on the street. A kind stranger offered her scarf to wrap the newborn baby, Louis, but Hines didn’t see who it was. A year later, she penned down a heart-warming Facebook post on Louis’s birthday, trying to find the person who gave their scarf.

Eventually, the post reached the woman, Mrs. Moorthy, who had given her scarf to Hines’s husband to cover the newborn baby. She contacted Hines and decided not to take her scarf back. Ms. Moorthy said:

“Louis kept my scarf. I wanted him to keep it as I think it has more sentimental value for him and Lizzie.”

Do you think the hospital was at fault for sending a full-term pregnant woman away? Was Louis’s birth really a “Christmas miracle?” 

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