Wise Man Buys an Old Bus, Hangs it On Top House, Converts it Into Restaurant, People Seen Eating Fufu in Video

A wise Tanzanian mechanic named Shaban Seleman Mboga has purchased a long bus and converted it into a restaurant where commercial drivers stop by to have sumptuous meals.

According to the man, he did the amazing construction work with the help of his friend who made sure that the structure is strong to stand the test of time.

Mboga, a Tanzanian man who converted his bus into a restaurant.

People enter to eat

An interesting video shows how people climb the bus and sit inside to eat their meals. All the seats are still intact.

Downstairs, there is a kitchen where the meals are cooked and drinks are sold. The man also uses one corner of the land as a mechanic site.

Watch the video below:

YouTube users react

Oli O said:

“For those speaking about safety. He clearly says that he had engineers approve before opening. So please appreciate his genius! “

Bernadette Evans commented:

“This is so amazing! Wow he is a genius.”

Leonard Michael said:

“Awesome. Very innovative. Good way off doing it. God bless you.”

Bisi Adeyemi reacted:

“Why don’t he leave the bus on the floor for his and customers safety? Just saying.”

Nagawa Florence said:

“Wow atleast this brings relaxation for long stressful days….people are starting to live a free life…when need such places to relaxe our minds.. creativity on it’s best.”

Nakamya Lydia reacted:

“I think I need to eat from there too. Great intelligence.”

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