Will Russia join NATO?

The most important focus of the dispute between Russia and Ukraine is that Ukraine wants to join NATO, and Russia believes that this is a squeeze on its strategic space, and it is ignoring its national security.

But before the war between Russia and Ukraine is over, Russia’s big neighbor Finland, and another Nordic country, Sweden, are preparing to join NATO.

Blinken (left) appeared on “The Late Show” to answer questions from Stephen Colbert. Image: CBS Video Screenshot

On May 19, local time, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken appeared on the CBS “Late Show” program, and was led by host Stephen Colbert.

“I have a crazy idea, invite Russia to join NATO. What if Russia joins NATO? What does Putin worry about then?”


Is Kobel’s brain opening? Does Russia currently have the slightest chance of joining NATO? Whether in Russia or abroad, aren’t there people who say that after the disbandment of the Warsaw Pact, NATO should also be disbanded when it loses its strategic goals?

Will Russia join NATO?

Is Kobel an open mind? Figure: Screenshot of “The Evening Show”

See how Blinken answered—

“You know what? In the 1990s, people did talk about it.”

Colbert pressed, “And then what?”

Blinken continued: “Well, the Russians later decided they didn’t want to do that.”

Will Russia join NATO?

Peskov Charts: Information

In Xiaoyin’s view, Blinken’s statement confirms half of the facts, that is, Russia did want to join NATO, or as Blinken said, “people did discuss this matter.”

With a smile, I still remember that Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian President, also responded to the question of whether Russia was invited to join NATO not long ago. He said that when Russia and Europe were talking about Russia’s accession to NATO, the United States repeatedly threatened to try to prevent this from happening. Russian President Vladimir Putin also revealed that he had discussed Russia’s entry into NATO with then-US President Clinton, and the US delegation’s performance was apprehensive.

Will Russia join NATO?

Putin, Clinton meeting

American film director Oliver Stone once revealed that George Robertson, the former British defense secretary who served as NATO secretary general at the beginning of this century, once told him, “When Putin replaced the drunken Yeltsin as Russia’s leader, the West was eager to deal with him. At that time, Putin proposed to join NATO. Before, as Russian President Boris Yeltsin, he made it clear that Russia is interested in joining NATO. Previously, as Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev had hinted The Soviet Union was interested in joining NATO.

Will Russia join NATO?

Putin and Hillary Clinton

Writing in the Wentworth Report, analyst Takisi O’Doracopoulos said:

“For 500 years, Russia has tried to please the West, especially during the reign of Peter the Great, but every time it has been rejected and snubbed by the West.”

Putin once disclosed that when Hillary was US secretary of state, they met, “and had a cordial conversation on different international events. I think even in this case, we may reach an agreement.” But because of the Crimea crisis, Hillary called Putin a “modern Hitler” and all negotiations ended.

Will Russia join NATO?


Interestingly, Hillary actually responded at a private fundraising dinner in Long Beach, New York, that she did not directly refer to Putin as a “modern Hitler”, but only thought that Russia’s “annexation” of Crimea was reminiscent of the move. What Germany did in the 1930s, and Russia wasted its great potential.


I have to say that Blinken appeared on CBS’ “The Late Show”, and it was indeed a sigh that he was reminded by Kobel that Russia wanted to participate in NATO. How did the US contribute to the Russia-Ukraine crisis? It can also be seen from the “Late Show” program.

Colbert asked Blinken that on May 3 this year, Pope Francis said in an interview with Italian media that NATO scolded Russia against the mountain gate, which led to Russia’s “invasion” of neighboring countries. “I don’t know if the violence was caused by provocation, but I suspect there may be a Western attitude,” Francis said.

Will Russia join NATO?

Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

If some media in some eastern countries have commented on the view that Russia’s march into Ukraine is behind the United States, and some people still think that this statement is debatable, then the Pope’s words can make these people more Think deeply about the nature of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis?

Before Russia launched the “special military operation”, Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov had a conversation in February this year. At that time, Russia’s attitude was also made public – it hoped that NATO would go back to before 1997 and that Ukraine would be neutral. But has the United States promised one?

Will Russia join NATO?

Presto: Information

Now, under the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, on May 20, local time, US State Department spokesman Price said that the time for the foreign ministers of the United States and Russia to talk again is not ripe. US State Department What does this mean? Is it still possible for the foreign ministers of the United States and Russia to speak on the phone? Since the call is still possible, why not arrange it as soon as possible? What is the time immature? Are you planning to wait until the Russians have withdrawn, or are they planning to wait until the Russians have conquered Kyiv, or even if they have conquered Odessa, completely depriving the Zelensky authorities of their access to the sea?


Currently, Finland and Sweden want to join NATO. But Turkey was very reluctant. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the two Nordic countries had members of the PKK in their domestic parliaments. The PKK is on the terror list in Turkey.

Will Russia join NATO?

Before his trip to South Korea and Japan, U.S. President Biden met with Finnish President Niinisto (first from left) and Swedish Prime Minister Andersson (first from right) at the White House

Even if U.S. President Biden met with Finnish President Niinisto and Swedish Prime Minister Andersson at the White House before his trip to South Korea and Japan, he was obviously encouraging these two countries to join NATO and putting pressure on Turkey at the same time. It seems unmoved.

If you think about Erdogan’s thinking – NATO has not paid attention to the national security concerns of Turkey as a member?

Some foreign media commented that Turkey is up for sale. The United States even issued a warning to Turkey, claiming that if Turkey does not succumb to the United States, it may face retaliation by the United States at that time, and even its NATO qualifications may not be guaranteed.

Will Russia join NATO?

Russian-made S400 missiles carried by large transport aircraft

The question is, do these media really not know that Turkey has a real perception of its own strength? Turkey has the most powerful ground forces in NATO other than the United States, and controls the Bosphorus, the throat of Asia and Europe. Does NATO need Turkey more or Turkey needs NATO more? It’s really hard to say.

So far, Turkey does not even have the status of an EU state, but NATO is holding on to Turkey.

Xiaoyin can’t help but think of one thing – is there any Russian-made equipment in NATO?

Of course there is.

In addition to the MiG-29 fighters owned by some former Warsaw Pact countries such as Poland, including the Soviet-made “Needle” missiles owned by Germany, which are close to or have been sealed, the Russian-made S400 missiles owned by Turkey are at the moment. year of fight. Why did NATO oppose it for a long time or silently admit that Turkey possesses and uses Russian-made weapons?

Blinken did not discuss on “The Late Show” why such a particular Turkey exists among NATO members. He also said that Russia was unwilling to join NATO back then. But he did not answer, if Russia now proposes to join NATO, what should the West do.

Will Russia join NATO?

American astronauts hand over the “keys” of the space station to Russian astronauts: Overseas Network

Of course, he could consider this a false proposition. But Xiaoyin wants to say that whether Russia joins NATO or not, Russia and NATO live together on the earth. Even the US-Russian space cooperation continues. At this time, if the United States really pursues the goal of simply solving the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, rather than using Ukraine as a gunman to weaken Russia, it will naturally do something well.

Will Russia join NATO?

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Will Russia join NATO?Will Russia join NATO?

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Will Russia join NATO?

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Will Russia join NATO?

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