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“Why would individuals want to own high-powered AR-15-style weap0ns?” – Manchin

eChokeOnline reports that Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia on Monday voiced his support for raising the age to 21 for purchasing semi-automatic weapons.

He questioned why individuals need to own high-powered AR-15-style weapons.

While speaking with CNN He said:

“I never thought I had a need for that type of a high-capacity automatic weapon,”

“I like to shoot, I like to go out and hunt. I like to go out sports shooting. I do all of that. But I’ve never felt I needed something of that magnitude.”

He said He “wouldn’t have a problem on looking at” backing a ban on so-called assault weapons — a proposal pushed by the White House and Democratic leaders, but that stands no chance of winning the needed 60-votes in the Senate.

“It depends on what they, how they would approach it,” Manchin said. “I’m open to anything that makes gun sense.”

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