Two Black Men Living in a Hole for 20 Years Finally Receive Beautiful House and Lots of Cash (Watch Video)

The story of two fatherless brothers has changed for the better as they moved from living in a hole to a house of their own in the space of weeks.

The young men identified as Jacque and Claude first went viral after Afrimax visited them and shared their story.

Their mum abandoned them

The elder of the two brothers, 34-year-old Jacque said their life took a bad turn after a man who claimed o be their cousin showed u and took their mum to the city. He said:

“We had both parents but our father died.

“Our mother was taken to the city by our half brother.”

Having not heard from her since the relocation, they journeyed to the city and returned to the village on foot as they couldn’t find their mum – she hasn’t been seen ever since.

They resorted to living in a hole

According to Afrimax, the lads trekked for 6 days and arrived at their village to discover that their previous abode had been destroyed.

The brothers whose education stopped at Primary 2 made a makeshift hole house and lived in it for 20 years till help finally came.

After the aforementioned shared their story, people donated money and this helped in building them a house.

The boys were also given cash.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

jaykingsright said:

“God is always faithful when we have a fully trust and hope towards him Mya they be happy and may God bless all who donated towards them.”

Angela Jackman said:

“I don’t have to donate but it bless my heart when people in they condition get help lord bless the hands that give also afrimax for reaching out to these people.”

Bobbette Williamson said:

“May our God bless u Aframax strengthen give u joy blessing energy to help the needy am in tears and joy for these youth happy for them, thank u much love u.”

Georgia Youvon said:

“What a wonderful blessing nothing happened before the time God blessed those who help may their baskets will never be empty.”

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