Tragic Story of Conjoined Sisters used as Experiment by Russian Doctors and how they later Died.

Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyopova, Saimese twins, were the world’s oldest living conjoined twins when they unfortunately passed away in 2003. Born in the winter period of 1950 in Moscow, Russia through a cesarean section, the conjoined twins never came in contact with their parents after their birth, as they were told that their children had sadly passed away.

This was however, a false information given by doctors under orders from Stalin’s Soviet Medical Researchers, as the conjoined sisters were seen as ideal text experiments because they shared the same blood system but had separate nervous system. They wanted to carry out series of experiments on the healthy sisters, as they marvelled at how they were able to share a blood system but had separate nerves, making them ideal for their cruel and inhumane experiments.

The sisters were treated like lab rats, as they were kept in a glass cot near a lab and were subjected to extreme temperature conditions, hunger and sleep deprivation in a bid to observe how their unique shared body would adapt to such conditions. And their misery did not end there.

After being moved to the Central Scientist Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics in 1956, the conjoined twins were hidden from the public for 8 years. They were later moved to a boarding school for children with motor-impairement in the southern part of the country.

Masha however, died of a heart attack on April 17, 2003 at the age of 53. Dasha denying separation from her demised sister, decided to remain conjoined to her. She however, died 17 hours later due to blood poisoning from the toxic by-products of her sister’s decomposing body.

A journalist, Julie Butler, who was a friend to the twins later in life, revealed that they blocked out the horrific experiments of their childhood as adults. She told Mail Online that the conjoined sisters could only remember “happy things”, adding that she was the one who told Dasha and Masha that they had been captives to these cruel experiments from their birth until the age of 6, when she found out about them.

Mrs Butler further revealed that Masha was a psychopath who bullied her sister, ruined a potential romance Dasha wanted with a boy, and even forced her to drink alcohol because she could not take it herself.

She said;

“They had their own hearts and lungs but shared a blood supply, so when one drank alcohol, they could both get drunk”.

The twins before their death, found their birth mother, Yetaterina Krivoshlyopova and two brothers in 1958. They were offered the opportunity to have separate bodies by doctors but were refused by Masha.

According to Butler, Masha denied Dasha the right to everything she ever wished for- a chance of love, a relationship with their mother, a job and even what she yearned for most, a separate body.

Following their sad story, Mrs Butler has written a book, ‘The less you know, the Sounder you sleep’ in account of their lives.

Credible Source; The Sun.

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