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This is no yolk! Egg-tossing prankster irks NYC residents

It’s a hard boiled mystery.

Someone is hurling eggs into an Upper West Side Park and residents are mad as shell.

Multiple people have vented online about the prankster and the protein projectiles, which have splattered on Verdi Park’s gardens and benches over the past two weeks.

Several theorized the mischief-maker was launching eggs with a slingshot from a building window across from the park along Amsterdam Avenue.

The egg-stra curricular activities have been frequently going down between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., according to one witness.

“It has to stop,” one victim, Leila Ghermaoui ,told The Post this week. She was on her way to the subway at 72nd Street on June 8 when an egg was thrown near an elderly man playing saxophone. The exploding egg splashed onto her shoes.

“This could have been very dangerous,” she said. “Thank god it only touched my feet and not my eye.”

Some locals have guessed that the eggs are coming from a building across the street on Amsterdam Avenue.
J.C. Rice

The tiny green space, named for Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi, is located along Broadway, Amsterdam Avenue and West 73rd Street. 

Residents said local police responded to the park in hopes of cracking the case.

The story was first reported by the neighborhood blog, I Love the Upper West Side.

Additional reporting by Maddie Panzer and Irie Sentner

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