Teen Hides Pregnancy and Gives Newborn Son Up – Camera Captures Their Eyes Meeting 48 Years Later

Women are forced to give up their kids for adoption for many reasons. In the end, the weight of the decision rests on their shoulders for many years. While some may never see their child again, others are lucky to reunite with them in the future, and the joy is unmatched. This story proves it.

When a female gets pregnant, it is only natural that she begins to share a bond with her unborn child. As time progresses, the bond grows stronger, and the pregnant mother slowly counts down to the day she will hold her precious baby. Once the baby is born, all the mother desires is to do what is best for her child.

Sometimes, the best thing for a newborn is for the mother or parent to give them up for adoption, especially if they feel the infant would have a better life without them.

When the above is done, the parent lives with the void and only hopes to be reunited with their child someday. This was the case of Bronwen Hook, who gave her son up for adoption. In the following years, she had to live with the outcome of the difficult decision.

But over four decades later, Hook received the best gift — a reunion with her long-lost son. Here are the details of Bronwen Hook’s story.


As a young lady, Hook enjoyed a happy life with her family. Her parents loved each other, and she shared a beautiful relationship with her three siblings. 

Sadly, tragedy struck in the late 1960s when Hook’s mother, Vivian, died from stomach cancer. Indeed, it was a terrible time for the family, especially for the deceased’s husband, who was devastated. 

On the other hand, Hook was torn apart and sought comfort to help cope with the irreparable loss. In the process, Hook became pregnant with her boyfriend at only 18 years old. 

Due to the circumstances in her family, Hook hid the pregnancy from her father and only confided in her brother, who stayed in London. Eventually, she moved in with him, and a few months later, in 1969, Hook welcomed a son, whom she named Benjamin.

As a teenager, caring for the baby was not easy. Hook did everything possible to be a good mom, but in the end, she felt as though she was not. In a few weeks, Hook realized that her son needed someone grown up to look after him.

At that point, the young mother decided to give up her six-week-old baby for adoption. Afterward, Hook moved to Canada and started a new life. She welcomed a daughter Chloe, and later on, adopted another girl, Keshi.

Hook explained that adopting a child was needed, as she had long lived with the weight of her 1969 decision. According to her, it felt like balance. While living with her two daughters, Hook longed for the day she would see her first child again.

“I’m just counting down the time until I actually get to meet him. I just want to see him and know that he’s OK, that he’s happy,” Hook told ITV


In 2018, Hook reunited with her son, who was renamed Mark by his adoptive parents. The mother and child had been apart for 48 years, and seeing each other again was a surreal experience, especially for Hook. 

The birth mother had flown into London from Canada for the emotional reunion, while Mark flew from Atlanta, Georgia. Hook and her son finally met, and upon seeing each other, the pair hugged tightly while wearing huge smiles.

Afterward, they talked about their lives, including Hook’s decision to give her son up and why they had not looked for each other. The woman explained her reason to Mark thus:

“It was hard to know if it was the right thing to do or not. I didn’t want to barge into your life.”

In response to his birth mother’s words, Mark said, “I always felt a sense of gratitude because I have had a really nice life, and it was obviously a tough decision for you, and I think it worked out well for me, and I hope it worked out well for you.”

The mother and child continued to talk about other things, including how grateful they were to have found each other. While speaking, Hook and Mark were joined by the latter’s wife, Karen, and two sons, Ethan and Sam. Like it was with meeting Mark, Hook was thrilled to meet her grandkids. In her words:

“It’s lovely to have two more grandsons. I’m looking forward to building my relationship with the whole family.”


In a similar story, in 1942, Gerda Cole was only 18 years old when she witnessed the apex of the Second World War. It was more devastating, as she was not only a Jewish refugee, but she had welcomed a daughter. 

Sadly, due to the crisis, Cole was forced to make the decision many well-meaning mothers would make — giving her little girl up for adoption.

“I had very limited personal education, and this, combined with wartime, left me no recourse but to have Sonya adopted under the advice of the refuge committee. The condition was not to have any further connection with the child,” Cole explained.

But 80 years later, in 2022, Cole, 98, reunited with her long-lost daughter, Sonya Grist, 80, in Canada. The latter flew from England, where she lives, to Toronto, where her birth mother stays.

Immediately they sighted each other; Cole and Sonya held onto each other, refusing to let go. The daughter made it known that a year before the reunion, she was unaware her mother was still alive. So, the reunion was very special to her.

The reconnection was not only special because the duo was meeting each other for the first time in 80 years, but because it was Cole’s 98th birthday celebration. It was an unforgettable experience, which Cole considered a “miracle.”

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