Sad Story of Lady Who Ran Mad and Paralyzed on Her Wedding Day

Faina was meant to walk down the aisle in a beautiful wedding ceremony 18 years ago, but that would turn out to be the day she lost her mind.

Due to the failure in mental coordination, the 38-year-old also lost her ability to walk and has been crawling since.

When her story was shared recently, well-wishers felt pity for her and contributed and bought a wheelchair to enable her to move around with ease.

The man thanked all those who contributed to buying all these for them and said he wish he could meet all those who helped them one by one to thank them for their kind gesture. Joy was brought back to the family once again. The lady doesn’t crawl anymore, she now uses her brand new wheelchair to move around unlike before.

Before her mental challenges, the 38-year-old was the breadwinner but now lives at the mercy of her family.

Faina’s family was visited by Afrimax who shared her story and this melted hearts of people. Kindhearted folks contributed willingly after which that money was used in purchasing a wheelchair for her as well as foodstuffs for the family.

Judith – When your village witches are overworking. May she find restoration of healing in Jesus Name

Judy Jack – Some of us come from very dangerous backgrounds. My village witches couldn’t allow me to have a public marriage (wedding) whenever I planned,it failed. Until I went private.

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