People are playing with their lives; Netizens reacts as Man Dances with 2 GIANT Pythons on his shoulders (Video)

Netizens have taken to Instagram to react to a video showing a man dancing with two giant pythons on his shoulder.

The video which was shared on Instagram features two reticulated pythons, which are the longest snakes in the world ‘joining’ in the Indonesian man in the dance.

The short clip shows the Indonesian man with the two giant pythons, which can grow more than 20 feet in length, hanging on his shoulders.

The snakes have their heads upside down behind the man, while he can be seen taking steps sideways and dancing with the giant pythons. He is seen being cautious while moving the big reptiles as they appear to be heavy.

The video social media users stunned. While one user wrote, “So dangerous,” another added, “People be playing with their lives.” One internet user jokingly even wrote, “Snakes are like, ‘so help me God, you embarrass us one more time!’”

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