Pastor said my Mother in-law is a Witch, How can I tell my husband?

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Please help me o. My name is Blessing a 32-year-old lady. I got married to my husband four years ago and till now we are still believing God for the fruit of the womb.

We’ve done all manner of medical tests from different hospitals and what the doctors kept saying was that nothing was wrong with both of us. Most times, this makes me feel sad but thank God for my husband who always encourages me. He always says God will answer us at His appropriate time.

Just last month, I decided to worship at a friend’s Church, it was a deliverance service. After the service, the pastor sent for me in his office.

He said God is set to answer my prayer only if am ready to follow His instruction. I hurriedly said, “yes I am ready to do anything.”

Then he said the person that was behind our predicament is right in our house. He further added that the person has vowed that we will not have the child of our own.

Immediately I heard this, I was shocked because I could not believe what I was hearing. The only person living with us is “Mama” (my mother-in-law) and she had been with us for a month after our wedding.

The pastor said she is a witch and until she is out of our house we will not have our own children.

Now, the problem is, my husband is the only surviving child out of the three children she had. I know how much my husband loves mama.

How will I tell him and will he even believe me?

Please, I need your advice, friends.

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