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NYPD investigating cyberbullying in Brooklyn precinct

The NYPD is investigating cyberbullying and salacious sexual rumors being spread against a captain, a detective and an officer in the department’s Park Slope precinct, the Post has learned.

Capt. Frantz Souffrant, the commanding officer of the 78 Precinct, reported the online campaign against him, his former girlfriend Det. Ileen Estevez and Officer Noemi Sierra to the department on June 14, according to an internal police memo.

Some of the online posts that were reviewed by The Post crudely suggest in doctored videos all three of them were romantically involved, and others make crude sex allegations.

Captain Frantz Souffrant originally reported the content.

“Are you one of the 78 cops that just had a baby with a fellow 78 cop,” an unknown user wrote in response to a post on Twitter from the 78 Precinct. “This precinct produces more babies than it does arrests. Maybe if cops focused more on their work and less on sleeping with each other Park Slope would be safer.”

Souffrant reported the content because “there was commentary attached to the videos that made him feel uncomfortable,” the memo says.

All three cops were initially stripped of their guns pending a psychiatric evaluation, but an NYPD spokesperson confirmed the cops had returned to full duty Friday.

“The incident is under internal review,” the spokesperson said.

An attorney for Estevez, who had recently broken up with Souffrant, told The Post she was a great cop and believed she was being targeted for her active lawsuit against the department.

“We know who made the post,” lawyer Fred Lichtmacher asserted to The Post.

The three officers could not be reached for comment.

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