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NYC subway attack suspect Subhan Zaib tied to Baltimore rape

The fiend wanted in connection to the violent, unprovoked assault on a teen at a Lower East Side subway station was arrested this week in connection to a Baltimore rape, police sources said Friday. 

Subhan Zaib, 26, was being sought in connection to the June 10 attack on a 19-year-old woman – who he allegedly approached from behind, put in a chokehold and slashed multiple times as she walked down the stairs at the Delancey/Essex Street station, the sources said. 

The teen was taken to Lenox Health Greenwich Village in stable condition, with bruises to her neck and a stab wound, cops said. 

After the attack, Zaib headed down to Baltimore – where he allegedly raped and robbed a victim four days later in the area of Shipping Place in Dundalk, cops in the Charm City said

He was arrested the next day and is being held without bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center, authorities said.

Zaib has five open arrest cases in Brooklyn and Queens – all related to incidents that occurred just days before the June 10 assault. 

None of the Queens incidents were bail-eligible, law enforcement cases said. 

He was released without bail in connection to each incident, according to the Queens District Attorney’s Office. 

Subhan Zaib is a suspect in the June 10 attack on the stairs at the Delancey/Essex Street station.
Baltimore County Police Department

On June 7, Zaib intruded in the women’s bathroom at The Rock Church on Hoffman Drive near 57th Avenue in Elmhurst, according to a criminal complaint. 

When a female volunteer confronted him, he shut the lights in the room, grabbed her by the shoulders and pinned her against the wall, the complaint said. 

The victim managed to break free from Zaib’s grip and flee, according to the court document. 

When a man tried to stop Zaib outside the church, the suspect allegedly snarled, “I can f—ing kill you. I can f—ing shoot you.” 

The top charge in that case was attempted assault in the third degree, according to law enforcement sources.  

He was also busted on top charges of second-degree menacing and criminal mischief in connection to separate June 1 complaints, and aggravated harassment in connection to a May 30 complaint, records show. 

Zaib was also busted in connection to the alleged assault of a woman who he met up with at an East New York hotel on June 4, according to that criminal complaint. 

He punched the victim in the face, beat her with a belt and threatened her with a knife, according to his criminal complaint. 

While the top charge in that case – second-degree assault – is bail-eligible, the victim provided a fake phone number to police and could not be reached, making it difficult to build the case, according to a law enforcement source. 

Zaib was released on his own recognizance.

Zaib — who lives in Queens and has a history as an “emotionally disturbed person,” according to police sources — has not yet been charged in connection to the Lower East Side attack. 

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