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NYC cab that crashed into building had 18 traffic violations

The cab that barreled into a Manhattan building Monday and left six people injured had racked up 18 road violations since late 2019, including for speeding in school zones and running red lights, records show.

A woman who identified herself as the wife of Monday’s 60-year-old taxi driver, Khan Zahangir, told The Post on Tuesday that her husband is struggling after the afternoon mayhem on Broadway between 28th and 29th streets.

“He’s upset,” she said at the Queens home listed for the hack.

She added that her husband was not in the home and not at work, declining further comment.

20 people together lifted the vehicle off two women trapped underneath the cab, a Toyota RAV 4.
The cab's car accident on Monday critically injured three people and hurt three others.
The cab’s car accident on Monday critically injured three people and hurt three others.
New York Post

It was not clear whether Zahangir was behind the wheel of the cab when it lodged the slew of violations in the past year and a half, incurring fines totaling $1,210. The violations are tied to the cab’s license plate, according to the tracking Web site How’s My Driving NYC.

But police identified Zahangir as the cabby behind the wheel Monday when the vehicle hit a cyclist in the bike lane and then rammed into a sidewalk cafe, critically injuring three people and hurting three others, including himself.

Two women became pinned underneath the yellow Toyota RAV 4 hybrid — and about 20 hero New Yorkers worked to lift the roughly 4,200-pound vehicle off them.

Police identified Khan Zahangir as the driver of the cab.
Police identified Khan Zahangir as the driver of the cab.
James Keivom
taxi cab crash
Footage shows people surrounded by the taxi crash incident.
Twitter / Viral News NY/ @ViralNewsNYC

Mayor Eric Adams said at an unrelated press conference Tuesday that a bike had illegally run a red light when the cab hit him, triggering the bloody chain of events.

Since November 2019, the same cab has twice sped through a red light, racking up $50 fees each time, records show. The yellow Toyota Rav4 Hybrid also had eight school-zone speed-camera violations in that time, the site reported. The other violations included tickets for double parking, an expired meter, bus-lane violations and breaking no-standing rules.

Zahangir suffered minor injuries in Monday’s crash, police said. The others injured are: a 32-year-old woman from San Luis Potosí, Mexico, who might lose her leg; another 32-year-old woman, also from Mexico, who is in stable condition; a 50-year-old man from the Upper West Side who is in stable condition; a 48-year-old woman from Columbus Ohio who might lose her leg and a 31-year-old woman also from Columbus who is in stable condition.

A person at the Upper West Side victim’s office Tuesday confirmed to The Post that the man was injured in the crash and said, “He’s out of the ICU.” The other victims and their families were not able to be reached.

Adams said Tuesday that he spoke to Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther to assure him the residents were being taken care of.

Witness Kader Issoufou, 45, told The Post on Monday that the cab “hit the cyclist first, then he hit the people eating” at Black Seed Bagels.

“Everybody rushed over and lifted the taxi off two women trapped underneath.

Transit activists are now questioning why cars are even allowed on the stretch of Broadway where the cab crashed.

“A car-free Broadway would have prevented this heinous crash,” Transportation Alternatives Executive Director Danny Harris said in a statement. “This block was also an Open Street last year, when the threat of gruesome car crashes was eliminated entirely.”

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