Nobody Should Touch This Food – Black Man Warns His Dogs, Goes Inside and They Obeyed Him (Watch Video)

A young Nigerian man has in a short video showed how obedient his dogs are and it was an amazing thing to watch.

In the clip, the man placed three plates of food on the floor and faced the camera, saying he would like to test how his pets keep to instructions.

People said he trained the animals well.

Obedient dogs

With a funny tone, the man called one of his dogs named Leo and told it to make sure none of them touches the food.

After the man had dished out the instructions, he went indoors for some seconds. While he was in, the dogs tried hard to heed the warning.

When he came out and saw that the food is intact, he was happy as he called them to have a feast.

Watch the video below:


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See comment below:

ololadebutik said:

“No try this with my dog o ,he will eat it and run away.”

user63328707616798 reacted:

“Omg your dogs are well trained.”

user5775612423665 said:

“my dog won’t touch by as soon as you turn your back, she will start eating. and when you turn to her she will be like, ‘but I’m hungry nah’.”

Brown-sugar said:

“U didn’t go far nah , they notice u were trying them, very brilliant.”

user1483959696077 said:

“don’t try this to my dogs in kenya,,, they will eat and when you come back they run away.”

Victoria Robinson945 said:

“you try well well by training them in good manner.”

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