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NJ driver Jose Navarro’s fake siren and lights drive him into an arrest

An impatient New Jersey driver was arrested Thursday morning and charged with impersonating a police officer after he allegedly activated his illegal lights and sirens in a bid to beat Holland Tunnel traffic, law enforcement sources told The Post.

Jose Navarro, 30, allegedly tried to pull off the stunt to evade the gridlock going into the tunnel from the New Jersey Turnpike by following a high-ranking Port Authority police chief who pulled to the side of the road to take a look at what was causing the traffic jam, sources said.

At that point Navarro drove behind the chief, identified as Emilio Gonzalez, the highest ranking uniformed Port Authority cop, and flicked on his lights and siren, the sources.

Gonzalez got out of his car and started to question Navarro, who at first claimed he was a former MTA cop, but then kept changing his story, sources said.

The chief determined Navarro was never a cop and arrested him. Port Authority officers also recovered a Glock 17 pistol when they took him into custody, sources said.

Navarro allegedly pulled off the same lights and siren stunt two weeks ago when he was caught on video alerting people to get out of his way on the same stretch of road, according to sources.

He was also charged in that incident.

In Thursday’s incident, Navarro was also charged with criminal possession of a weapon and driving an unregistered car, according to sources.

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