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New mayor, same crumbling BQE, but Adams plans to move faster than de Blasio

Mayor Eric Adams wants to rebuild long-crumbling sections of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and abandon his predecessor Bill de Blasio’s plans to keep the structure in place for two more decades.

But Adams has yet to come up with a plan to make the moonscaped BQE a smooth ride into the future, the New York Times reported Monday.

“I will not wait decades and needlessly spend hundreds of millions of additional taxpayer dollars when we can and must start rebuilding this vital transportation artery today,” Hizzoner told the paper, while pledging to start construction within five years.

De Blasio’s plan had been limited to patchwork infrastructure fixes and a lane reduction on parts of the highway.

The then-mayor said he hoped to buy the city time to cook up a politically-feasible solution for the highway; a previous plan that would have closed the popular Brooklyn Heights promenade for months if not years fizzled due to strong community opposition.

Adams, for his part, pledged in November to use money from the bipartisan infrastructure law passed last year for the BQE’s replacement.

Adams said construction would start on the BQE rebuild project within five years.
Steven Hirsch

“We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to access the federal funding necessary to reimagine and rebuild the B.Q.E. that a post-pandemic economy and city demand, and we are seizing it,” he told the Times on Monday.

The plan that would have closed the promenade was set to cost $3 billion.

Other proposed solutions could cost as much as $11 billion or more.

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