Netizens Reacts as Woman was chilling with her Gigantic Dog, She Feeds it (Watch Video)

A video has shown the moment a woman and a very big dog interacted. The woman fed the animal in such a cute way that made many talk.

In the clip, the woman was at home with the dog as she fed it. The dog’s neck chain appears so huge and scary.

Many people were amazed by the dog's size.

What has it been eating?

Despite how big the animal looked, it was fond of the woman as it took easy bites from the food she was giving it.

Many people who reacted to the video had many things to say as some wondered what the dog was feeding on to look so big.

Watch the video below:


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At the time of writing this report, the video has gathered thousands of shares and comments.

See Comments below:

Scott S said:

“Best body guard anyone asks for.”

loritenn1 said:

“This is one hell of a beautiful blessed dog!”

panama926 said:

“I’ve heard somewhere that a pet owner resembles his pet… what’s your take on that?”

fatherbrotherson said:

“Chain isn’t made of steel….it’s a hallow plastic halloween prop (look at how it lightly it swings).”

TMartin580 said:

“He’s beautiful why does he have a chain on him.”

Joseph Bonfiglio said:

“That does not look like a real chain!”

Antonis Agoras said:

“The chains is not real to heavy for a person not for the dog only.”

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