Netizens Reacts as Man hosts birthday party at Burial Ground [Watch]

Cemetery birthday party…. A Ghanaian man celebrated his birthday in an unusual manner that has sent social media into a mixed frenzy.

Birthdays are special moments in one’s life and a young man sure made his an unforgettable one.

Cemetery birthday party
Ghanaian man cemetery birthday party set tongues wagging on social media.

A bizarre video captures a young man celebrating his birthday at the cemetery with his friends and loved ones in full attendance.

In the video, the celebrant was adorned in kente, whiles patrons who graced the event were captured in all-white attires.

A high table decorated with champagne, drinks, and a cake was placed between the tombs and the celebrant was seen with a knife, ready to cut his cake.

Interestingly, there were no seats and so some individuals had to resort to relaxing on the tombs as the proceedings went on.

Although the reasons for organizing a birthday party in a cemetery are unclear, many have opined that it is perhaps for ritual purposes.

Well, watch the below :

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