My Mother-in-law Wants to Destroy My Husband, What should I do?

Here is my story:

My name is Mopelola and I have been married for the past five years, but the issue is that my husband has been a pain in my neck. He beats me up at will, spends my money and commands me to give him money any time he wants to spend some.

My family and his family have settled our issues several times, but it seems everyone is now fed up with this issue.

What is giving me much concern now is that a few days ago, my husband’s mother called me to come over to her village to take me to a witch doctor who will help me soften the heart of my husband.

From my knowledge of what my mother-in-law wants me to do, I believe that after I visit her, my husband’s life will not be the same again.

My husband is still beating me up and his mother is still insisting I should accept her option, I am confused, I don’t want my husband to be useless and I also want the beatings to stop, what should I do?

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