My Husband Wants to Divorce me because I am not a Virgin, I Lied to Him. What do I do now?

Hello friends, Please, I want you to help my friend.

She is currently in a big trouble and if she doesn’t take care of her marriage of two weeks, it will crash.

It all happened that she lied to her fiance then (now husband) that she is a virgin.

According to her, she said that when they first met one of the questions her husband (then fiance) asked was if she was a virgin and because she saw the serious look on him and she didn’t want to lose him, she lied.

When I asked her why she lied, she said that when her husband eventually finds out in marriage, she would beg her husband for forgiveness.

But things did not work out as she had planned for her husband has given her 7 days ultimatum to pack out.

Everyone has begged her husband including me but he didn’t listen to our pleading. He believed that if she can come up with such big lie then she is capable of killing him one day.

Now, a marriage of just two weeks after 2 years courtship is about to crash.

Please, friends, I need your advice on this issue

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