My Fiance Dumps me for another Woman after Seven years. What do I do?

You can imagine how a man I gave seven years of my life would turn around to bite the fingers that fed him just when I thought my joy would be fulfilled very soon

I met Joshua when I was at my lowest ebb after my fiance of three years, left me and got married to another woman.

Joshua was five years younger than I was but he displayed such a maturity that belied his age and no one would have thought he was just 28-years-old then.

I was sceptical about dating a younger man but he made me feel so much at ease and kept assuring me that age was mere numbers.

Within a short while, I was madly in love with Joshua and being the kind of person I am, I shared everything I had with him. I loved him with everything in me and made sure he never lacked anything.

When we met, Joshua was just a junior staff in his place of work and his salary was nothing to write home about. With my connections, I got him a better job, got an apartment befitting of my lover and bought him a car.

I made sure he lacked nothing so that he would not be tempted to look at other women. When it came to sex, I did my very best to satisfy him and even went out of my way to catch up with all his sexual fantasies.

The first time I got pregnant, I thought Joshua would be happy and that we would get married immediately but when I told him, he said he was not ready to be a father and that I should get an abortion.

When I told a friend about it, she insisted I kept it as that could make Joshua change his mind but he was not happy at all and vowed to leave me if I did not do away with the baby.

For fear of losing him, I had to abort the baby at five months. Since then, I had taken in twice more but he kept saying he was not ready. He would promise to come with his people to meet my family so that we would plan the wedding but he kept postponing the date.

Late last year, after putting so much pressure on him, he promised that he would come with his people in January this year and I informed my people that my fiance would be coming to see them soon as he had promised.

On that day, we cooked all kinds of food, ordered for drinks and prepared for the coming of Joshua and his people but what did I get?

A complete embarrassment as he sent me a text late in the evening that his family has forbidden him from marrying a woman older than him and he could not disobey his parents.

Since then, I have been devastated and inconsolable. How would a man I loved with all my heart and took care of treat me in such a callous way? He did not even deem it fit to call me to tell me, only to send me a text message on such an important day?

Right now I don’t know what to do to him. Should I fight him with everything (Money and power) I have or leave him for God?


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