Meet Fred Kubai, A rich man who dumbed his 4 wives, gave all his wealth to his househelp

In the current generation we are living in, common law states that, an individual may choose to disinherit a spouse in their will.

That’s the tale of one Kenyan Cabinet Minister who disowned his four wives and his will over househelp.

Maker of the nation by the name Fred Kubai was one of the six legendary Mau Mau freedom fighters who were arrested and detained in the year 1952.

Kubai led a polygamous life and had four wives.

Before he met his untimely demise in the year 1996, he had parted ways with with all of them and his heart had settled on Christina Gakuhi who was his househelp.

Before he died, he has drafted a two-paged handwritten will and in it, he disowned his four wives thereby leaving his entire properties to the househelp. He also gave her powers to execute the will and to oversee that his burial was conducted by a few family members.

He wrote the second page of the will in capital letters, explaining how he parted ways with all his four wives.

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