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Many things are more important than face

Only when you understand that the happiness of the other person is more important than your own face can it be regarded as true love. Jordan is already regarded as the country with the loosest measure of freedom and rights for women among the Islamic countries in the Middle East, but there is still a very terrifying international news.

There was a married woman who was found to be having an affair with someone and became pregnant. The husband was very angry and drove her back to her family. Although the country has a national law, in fact, if a woman is found to have committed adultery, she is often lynched, because for her family and her husband’s family, this is a major event that destroys the family’s reputation, so the example of “rectification of the law on the spot” is often If it happens, the laws of the country can’t control it.

The woman’s husband was infertile, and the doctor thought it was impossible for his wife to become pregnant. He originally decided to let his wife go, and only wanted to send her back. However, the wife’s two brothers did not let go of the sister’s illegal affair. One day, they threatened the brother-in-law and drove the woman suspected of adultery to the deserted desert. They shot her from the back and killed her. Because they insisted that the woman had to die in order to preserve the family’s reputation.

This story literally gave me chills. Is my face more important than the lives of my relatives? Born as a Middle Eastern woman, my fate is really tragic. There is also news that a princess from the oil-producing country of Bahrain fell in love with an American soldier stationed there, and eloped with the American soldier to return to the United States, thinking that he would be free. For us, what is called “free love” is a legitimate and legal affair, but for this Islamic country, it is a major event that ruins the family style, because not only can a princess not marry a commoner, but she can’t decide on her own marriage.

Many things are more important than face

The princess fled to the United States, but the royal family wanted to use political negotiation to get her back. The U.S. Ministry of Foreign Affairs was in a dilemma due to human rights and diplomatic factors. Unexpectedly, the Bahraini royal family was very powerful. It took a lot of effort to tie its own princess home. Although the princess was married and had children, and had no illicit affair, her family dragged her out and killed her. In many cases, the so-called “religion”, “tradition”, “family rules”, “customs”, etc. are used as masks, and it often becomes an iron wall covered with thorns, which isolates the beauty of love. What is the difference between the face at the moment and the cage?

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