Man Weeps in Video over Horrifying Treatment by Wife after He Fell Sick Despite Taking Care of Stepdaughter

A man living with a disability broke down in tears while narrating the inhumane treatment he received from his former wife and daughter after their marriage hit the rocks.

In an interview on Oyerepa FM, he disclosed that although he built a house for his ex-wife, she never moved in to sleep there.

Ghanaian man in tears

The man painfully recounted that he now sleeps on the floor after his ex-wife came for the bed in the house and a cloth she gifted him after her father died at Sankore, Ghana.

Weeping over ill-treatment

”When I fell sick, she came to take the bed I was sleeping and took it away . She sent someone to take back the cloth she gifted me after her father died at Sankore the same day she left me,” he recalled while in tears.

The beleaguered man further mentioned that his ex-wife and daughter bought a drinking spot he was selling to raise money for his treatment.

He said his former wife, through her daughter, bought the drinking spot from him when they could have supported him.

According to the man, he met the woman’s daughter when she was a child, provided for her, and paid keen attention to her education when she got admission to the University for Development Studies, Tamale, as an adult.

Now, they have paid for his kindness with evil at a time when he is sick and needs help the most, he said.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

Several people have reacted to the video in which the man sheds uncontrollable tears.

Read some of the comments below:

@Afitrewa said:

”It’s very sad but what exactly did he do to the woman for her to have such a heartless behavior towards him.”

@Hafsasarata commented:

”When a man cries tears out then he really passed through alot. My heart is broken.”

@Perfectwrapgh commented:

”Aww, this’s so sad to watch. Men should also treat their wives well nobody can tell what this man has done badly to the woman initially is not all women who have forgiving hearts.”

@Beautiful_ahuofe said:

”Where are the side chics now.???…Not all wives forgive ill-treatment….some just wait patiently for when the time is right and they will make you regret every bit of bad you did to them. All I can say is sorry ooo!”

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