Make Yahoo Boy No See Am: Nigerian Lady Walking in ‘Trenches’ Speaks Smooth American English, Video Goes Viral

A young lady has in a video impressed many people as she spoken fine American English many could not associate with her environment.

In the video, the Nigerian held up a camera and funnily spoke about a guy meant online who was asking for a Google Play card.

People said she should could and work for them.

Lady spoke fine English Language

Even though whatever she may be talking about could be fictitious, her command of spoken American English was almost impeccable.

Many people who reacted to her video online were amazed that she could speak so well with a foreign accent despite being a Nigerian.

Watch the video below:


Honestly I really do like this guy

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We have compiled some of the reactions below:

That Same Tife said:

“Perfect. Shey you go dey help us call kolu like this.”

Lilian said:

“Person think say u be client, when he recieve the card he go shock.”

Jerry Imaria said:

“I love your Accent, probably u didn’t school in Africa.”

She replied:

“I did never been out of this country.”

Akanji Eden Larry said:

“Omo I don Dey fine you since.”

cheunggum said:

“Is this the gurl in that viral video?”

Antwan Plocher said:

“I really love you..I wish I was dating you..”

clazzy bantyn said:

“Your perfect for this job babe have seen your video before.”

Hush mirraj said:

“I like your accents nice, can we work together?”

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