Lady Moves into New House, Later Finds Two-Way Mirror and Wired Cameras inside a Hidden Wall

An 18-year-old Arizona girl was horrified to discover a two-way mirror and hidden cameras after moving into a new house with her family. 

Moving into a new house is an exciting experience for most people, but it wasn’t the same for Annabell Mickelson. She was shocked after moving into her new home.

The girl filmed everything that her family members did after realizing that the mirror was two-way. They cut through a wall and discovered wired cameras. 


Who doesn’t love looking at themselves in the mirror? Like most people, Mickelson’s family admired the black-bordered mirror they found on one of the walls in their new house.

The family had no idea what was present inside the wall. They felt suspicious when they tried to take the mirror off the wall but couldn’t move it–so they decided to do something about it. 

Mickelson recorded a video while trying to move the mirror by holding the corner, but it seemed like it was stuck to the wall. 


Her boyfriend and grandfather decided to use an electric saw to cut through the wall since they suspected it was hollow. Meanwhile, Mickelson stood behind them and recorded everything.

Other TikTok users witnessed the satisfying moment when the men sliced through the wall with the sharp electric saw. They had no idea what was hiding behind the wall. 

After cutting the first rectangular hole, they saw a network of wires hidden in the space behind the wall. Upon further investigation, they discovered those wires were connected to cameras. 


After slicing through the first chunk, the family saw the backside of the two-way mirror. They could see something else concealed below, so they decided to cut the wall to the bottom. 

The two men put all their effort into cutting the wall while the teenager filmed them. They were shocked to discover a set of cupboards hidden behind the wall. Mickelson stated:

“And we were right! It was a two-way mirror! We messed up the mirror, but oh well.”


The teenager revealed that the cameras surrounded the house, and one of them covered the back gate, so the people inside could see who was entering from the backyard. 

After discovering strange items hidden inside the wall of their new house, the family knocked on the neighbors’ doors to ask them about the previous owners.

One of the neighbors claimed he knew the previous owner. He said the man was always hosting parties in the house. The girl guessed he used the wall to hide his things. 


After a stranger came to their house to ask about hidden money in the garden, Mickelson revealed that there might be $25,000 sitting under the soil. 

Her family didn’t entertain the stranger, but they did wonder if there was a fortune hidden under the ground. They hadn’t expected to experience such bizarre things in their new house. 

Mickelson’s TikTok video was viewed by millions of people worldwide. It went viral after people shared it with others. 


The teenager also claimed that she got an interview call from a media outlet, and she thanked everyone for their support. She said she had always dreamt of being interviewed by that particular media company. 

Other TikTokers shared their views in the comments. TikTok user justdanimarie guessed the wall might be used as an aquarium, and the two-way mirror must be a clear glass window used to see the fish. 

She guessed they might have painted the glass window from the inside to make it seem like it was a mirror. Mickelson read the comment and said that might be true. Meanwhile, chriscasper75 wrote:

“Somebody was watching and recording someone.”

“Please let the police know about this!!!!” TikTok user replied

Most TikTokers guessed the hollow space inside the wall might have been an aquarium in the past. Some users also asked the girl to utilize this space or convert it into another bathroom. 

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Source – Amomama

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