Lady goes gaga , yanks wig off as her boyfriend proposed to her [Video]

A man’s attempt at pulling a surprise marriage proposal on his girlfriend resulted in a stunning reaction from her.

People’s reactions to surprises differ especially romantic ones and a lady’s response to a surprise marriage proposal pulled by her boyfriend has stirred reactions on social media.

In a short video shared on Instagram, the lady walked into a dark room and was surprised when the light turned on to see her boyfriend down on one knee seeking her hand in marriage.

Unexpectedly, the lady burst into loud screams and went into a frenzy as if finally achieving a goal that had always eluded her.

While her boyfriend remained on one knee with the ring in one hand, the lady yanked off her wig and jumped for joy.

As if coming to the realization that she left her man still on his knee, she stops and locks him in a warm embrace.

In what was a well-planned proposal surprise, the room looked decked in red petals that symbolizes love.

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