How Dogs protect owner’s property, bravely Fight thief that came to steal them [Watch]

Thief Viral Video: Thieves have an innate ability to be quite sneaky and can steal from you right under your nose, but they aren’t successful all the time.

Videos showing thieves in action are always a hit on the internet and now, a similar hilarious video has surfaced on Instagram.

In the video, a thief tries to enter the house with the intention of stealing, but ends up failing. From the video, it seems that the thief entered the house when no one was around.

Presumably, he climbed through the roof and tried to enter the house but couldn’t because of dogs! Seeing himself surrounded by 2 dogs, the thief kept hanging on the door itself to protect himself.

Meanwhile, the dogs are also seen trying to catch him and are desperately waiting for him to come down. The video stops midway and doesn’t show what happens next!

The video has been uploaded on Instagram on a page named gieddee, with a caption that reads, ”What Happened Next.”

The video has gone viral, and people can’t help but laugh at the thief who was stuck in such a situation. Many users were curious to know what happened next while others poured laugh emojis in the comments section.

Watch the video below :

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