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How 11-year-old Texas School Shooting Survivor SMEARED Blood and Pretend to Be Dead

Family members of an 11-year-old student at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, are speaking out about some of the events that occurred inside the classroom.

According to the NY Post, Miah Cerrillo saw her friend get fatally shot in front of her inside their fourth-grade class Tuesday, she went into what her aunt detailed as “survivor mode” and smeared the other girl’s blood on her body to convince the mass shooter that she, too, was dead.

“My sister-in-law said is that she saw her friend full of blood, and she got blood and put it on herself,” Blanca Rivera shared with station KPRC about her niece, Miah Cerrillo.

Before playing dead, the young girl made a quick decision and managed to grab her deceased teacher’s phone and contact 911 for help.

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