Could this be love? Story of the Woman who married a Tree and Her reasons

It’s very great, fantastic, and often repulsive to certain people who develop attachments to certain kind of inanimate objects and profess to be at comfortable with them. Some strongly believe that such a person was possessed or enchanted as a result of their actions.

Kate Cunningham, who happens to be a 38-year-old Sefton, Merseyside lady, married a tree in the Remorse Valley area. This English lady with two children changed her username to Elder when she married the ancient tree.

As she celebrated the day, she remarked that she loves the tree so much to the extent that she had no intentions to divorce it anytime soon. She said, “Marrying the tree was one of the simplest, if not the greatest, decisions I’ve ever made.”

Despite her embarrassment in marrying a tree, she has also vowed to herself to put the tree first. The tree’s wedding had a very great impact on her and her 15-year-old son, but she claims she is very happy and satisfied with her decision she took to marry a tree.

Kate married the tree three years ago in defiance of plans to build a bypass through her neighborhood’s country park. The mother-of-two has stated that the tree completes her and that her affection for it has only grown stronger each and everyday. She referred to the tree as a member of her family, and she claimed that their bond had a significant impact on her life as well.

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