Children’s Day: Little boy’s prayer for adults goes viral, “they will not Die until they feel like dying” (Video)

A kid went far and wide to pray for adults at a Children’s Day event organised on May 27th.

The hall where the event was held was completely filled and the MC held his mic to the kids’s mouth as he prayed.

Nigerian kid prays for adults on Children's day, causes stir.

His prayer caused laughter

The kid prayed nicely but added something very hilarious towards the end of his prayer session.

The kid prayed for daddy and mummy, thanking God on their behalf as the hall echoed Amen.

He added too that nobody will die but after then he said:

“They will not die until they feel like dying in Jesus’ name.”

It was at that point that the whole hall roared in massive laughter and even the MC removed the mic from the kid’s mouth in hilarious reaction.

Watch the video below:

Instagram users react


“Na you know when you wan die na. So he wish you what you wish yourself.”

@angel_caily commented:

“But that’s not a bad prayer o! If we die when we feel like dying that means we will all live long! Because nobody would want to die young! My thoughts.” reacted:

“When prayer don deh top much, small small curse go deh show.”

@01mamushka said:

“Amen o. We will not feel like dieing o.”

@callmedamy said:

“This is so funny …the prayer choke.”

@hituhnuchic commented:

“The prayer is necessary in this country cos unforeseen circumstances everywhere.”

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