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Man sentenced to 14 years imprisonment over what He did in 2019

Ronald Cundiff was convicted by a jury in February for the July 30, 2019, incident in which he knifed a 55-year-old straphanger who had asked him to move his bag from a subway seat on an A train downtown.

The 43-year-old madman — who had 25 prior arrests at the time — then fled the subway at the Canal Street station while the victim alerted the police, who caught up with Cundiff near Bowery Street.

As two cops tried to arrest him, he stabbed one of the officers and a 21-year-old good Samaritan, both in the shoulder, in an incident caught on cellphone video.

The subway victim was stabbed in the torso and needed his spleen removed.

Ronald Cundiff was sentenced for a stabbing spree he went on in 2019.
Steven Hirsch
Ronald Cundiff
Cundiff stabbed three people before being apprehended in 2019.
Steven Hirsch
Video caught the moments before Cundiff was apprehended.
Video caught the moments before Cundiff was apprehended.

A Manhattan judge handed down the sentence Thursday for Cundiff’s conviction on multiple assault charges and criminal possession of a weapon.

“The subway is the backbone of our city, and we will hold accountable anyone who attacks their fellow straphangers,” Manhattan District Attorney Bragg said in a statement. “Not only did Ronald Cundiff stab a rider who was looking for a seat, he also stabbed a good Samaritan and a police officer who tried to stop him.”

Cundiff’s criminal defense attorney didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

Police arrest Cundiff in a Manhattan street.
Police arrest Cundiff on a Manhattan street.

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