Black Man Shares Touching Story after Buying First Car

A hard working Nigerian man identified as Abiodun Adeleke has bought his first whip shortly after starting tech.

According to the young man who shared his story via Twitter, scaling through tech was not an easy task.

At the time he started, he would come home crying and ranting about the job being too tasking and demanding.

Tech, give up, whip

On a particular day, his father asked him if it was the same job his boss does and he replied yes. His father then motivated him to push harder.

Abiodun listened to his father’s advice and continued his tech job despite the tasking nature of it.

Days ago, he took to Twitter to reveal that he just acquired his first car, a Lexus 350.

In his words:

“I bought a car today. Alhamdulilahi. When I started tech, I came home one day crying that it is too hard n I want out.

My father asked “your Oga with big cars, is that all he does” I said YES and my father told me in yoruba “murasi ishe computer yen, iwo na a ra motor nla lenu e”. I did today n he witnessed it.”

People react:

Reacting to this, Mvl Larray said:

“Dis congratulations na breakfast, e go reach all of us, insha allah.”

Chief Oloye wrote:

“I don’t know you but I look at your bio and it makes me happy.”

Stella Bright added:

“Congratulations. I hope say you be the landlord of the house wey you park am put sha.”

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