Black Lady with Bent Neck Seeks Help, Cries out in Video that Her Fiance Left Her (Video)

Emma Mujawayezu is a young lady who sees the world upside down by virtue of having a bent neck.

The young lady was born in a good state of health but caught a strange illness as she rounded off her secondary school studies.

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How Emma’s neck got bent

Emma shared with Afrimax when they called at her home that the illness came out of nowhere.

“I got an illness out of nowhere and found my neck bent.

“It started on its own and my neck turned into this,” she said in her local dialect which was translated by the aforementioned media.

Four years after she caught the strange illness, Emma lives at the mercy of her parents as they feed and cater for her.

People felt Emma is drunk

When quizzed about the public perception of her illness, Emma said that some people feel that she walks that way because she is drunk.

“They used to say that I was drunk. Even at church, they call me drunk.

“Until my mum told me not to go to church again. Everyone that sees me says what they want.”

Before the illness, Emma was pregnant with a child and was to get married but her relationship hit the rocks.

This is as her husband-to-be dumped her and remarried someone else. She said he never even came to check up on the child.

After Afrimax shared her story, people donated money to help her poor parents take her to the hospital but more money is still needed.

Watch the video below:

Netizens react

Billionaire boy said:

“Wow i believe we all need to appreciate life more and just love each other because look at the young lady wow pray she will get some help.”

Kathy Morris said:

“If I ever had some money, this is what I would spend it on, helping the poor, need homes and medical, schooling. God bless you, I am praying for you Emma.”

Beryl Morgan said:

“This young lady needs to see a doctor Immediately! I pray the donation received on her behalf will help with the medical bills.”

Sonya Jeff Kaisa Benjamin Sue Mariner said:

“So sad and heart breaking to see someone like this all the time! God bless her and her family and much love to them too.”

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