Best squirrel dad ever; Man seen Feeding and Talking to 2 Squirrels (Watch Video)

This is a heartwarming video currently going viral on the internet. It shows a man feeding two squirrels and talking to them.

The video, shared by Derrick Downey Jr on Instagram on Monday, has been captioned: “Simple things always mean the most to me. Give me all the experiences of what nature has to offer and I’m good.”

In the video, the man is seen sitting on the floor and giving food to a squirrel nearby. He is also interacting with another furry friend, addressing it as “Richard”. He asks the squirrel to look at him instead of the camera.

The video has received thousands of views and likes since it has been posted.

“Best squirrel dad ever,” a user wrote.

“The way I needed this this morning. “Okay I’ll bring it down” yessss bringing the water glass lower for the squirrel babies. This is so pure,” a second user commented.

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