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Aspiring DJ killed in freak NYC subway accident was beloved by friends, neighbors

A Bronx man killed in a freak subway accident was recalled Friday as a cherished friend and aspiring DJ, who loved dogs and was the brother of an NYPD cop.

“He was a real down-to-earth person, everyone around here knew him, he would DJ at people’s parties,” a neighbor told The Post Friday, about Marcus Bryant, 37, who fell to his death after getting his foot caught in between the subway car and the platform while stepping off a Q Train in Brooklyn Wednesday.

“He was a good friend to everyone. He loved life, he lived life.”

A longtime friend of Byrant said Bryant’s favorite music was reggae — and since his pal’s death, he’s been exclusively listening to the Jamaican tunes.

“He’s hard-working and DJ’ing was one of his hobbies,” the friend, who asked not to be named, said. “His music was universal…….hip hop, reggae….when he was DJ’ing.”

Marcus Bryant died in a freak accident while stepping off of the Q train in Brooklyn.

He added a memorial site had been set up in front of his parent’s Bronx house with white candles and a bottle of Guinness.

“Guinness was his drink of choice sometimes,” said the pal

One neighbor described him as a “great guy” and his death was a “shocker.”

“He loved dogs. Every time he would see him, he would say ‘Hi buddy’”

Marcus Bryant
Marcus Bryant was remembered as a “down to earth” person who enjoyed DJing parties.

Another one of Bryant’s neighbors, Marcus Sinsurin, said his friend’s police officer brother was looking for answers to the tragedy.

“I spoke to his brother last night. The brother said they haven’t given him an answer for what happened yet,” said Sinsurin, who added that he tried to be a comfort saying “I’m sorry, be strong.”

Attempts to reach Bryant’s sibling were unsuccessful.

He also said he Bryant’s death had him rethinking taking the train.

“I feel like we have to stop taking the train, especially the Q train, there’s to many things happening on the Q train,” he said. “The more you can drive it’s better for you. If you can ride on the bus it’s better.” 

After getting his foot caught while stepping off the Q Train at the Avenue M station in Midwood, Bryant was dragged down the platform for a ways before he tumbled onto the tracks and was hit by another train.

Bryant was also recalled by pals on social media.

“Having to come to terms with the facts it will never be yu on the other end of my phone is really heart breaking. iloveyou,” wrote a Facebook user by the name of Enid Marie Gonzalez, who referred to the victim as “My Mistah” 

Additional reporting by Craig McCarthy

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