Angry Lion ‘bites off’ man’s finger at zoo, See horrifying video

Footage of a man being attacked after reaching through a fence to pet a lion is circulating on social media.

Visitors at Jamaica Zoo were on Friday left in shock after witnessing a zoo attendant’s finger being severed by a lioŋ at the St Elizabeth-based attraction.

The incident, which was captured on video has since gone viral on social media.

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In the footage, the man is seen taunting the caged lion as the captivated audience looked on.

For several seconds, the attendant teased the massive predator with his hand, clapping and gesturing to get its attention.

Things take a turn for the worse after the lion’s patience with the ‘game’ wore thin, and it bit down on his finger following one last brush against its teeth.

The man exclaimed and the audience, seemingly not aware of the danger, stood with mouths agape as a literal tug-of-war was waged between the attendant and the lioŋ.

He repeatedly screamed expletives as the lion growled, his movements becoming ever more urgent and desperate.

Even after bracing both feet against the foundation of the wire-mesh fence, the man was no match for the brute strength of the lion and, for the visiting audience, the horrific realisation came too late.

The man’s hand was finally freed, sans ring finger, as surprised expressions erupted from the audience.

But according eyewitnesses, the man’s right ring finger was bitten off after he stuck his hand through the chain-linked lioŋ’s cage.

Well, watch the video below :

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