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Alvin Bragg cut deal to free NYC criminal who then assaulted woman

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office cut sweetheart deals with a career criminal that let him off with a slap on the wrist — leaving him free to slug a woman in a random attack last month, The Post has learned.

Marcus Wright, 37, was charged with felony robbery and grand larceny in two separate Manhattan heists — but was allowed to plead down to misdemeanor petty larceny raps in both, according to records and law enforcement sources.

Wright, who has 36 busts on his rap sheet, got off with a 60-day jail sentence in one case, which stemmed from a November robbery at a Sephora near Union Square.

In the other case, a theft at a downtown boutique in April, Wright was allowed to walk free in a deal with prosecutors from District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office.

He was also busted in January on assault charges, but the result of that case isn’t known as it was sealed.

Then last month, Wright allegedly walked up to a random woman in Chelsea, slugging her while she was on her mobile phone — and was released without bail thanks to the state’s soft-on-crime laws.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has been criticized for his soft-on-crime stances.

Police sources slammed Bragg’s office for not prosecuting Wright on the more serious charges in the robbery cases.

“If the district attorney would have done his job property in November there would’ve been three less crimes and two less victims,” one frustrated Manhattan cop said.

“This kind of treatment is a total failure because you are not helping the criminal and innocent people are being victimized,” the cop said.

Said another NYPD source, “Bottom line is if criminals are not held accountable and if they do not fear any consequences, they will keep committing crimes.

“Keeping recidivists off the streets is how we keep the public safe,” the cop said. “And right now the justice system is failing the people of New York.”

Wright’s prior arrests include grand larceny, assault, soliciting prostitution and drugs.

His latest string of crimes allegedly began on Nov. 24, when he was charged with robbery for smashing up a Sephora retailer on 14th Street.

Manhattan prosecutors said Wright agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor petty larceny charge and was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

He was then charged with assault in January — the case that was later sealed.

Then, on April 24, he was busted for allegedly stealing nearly $1,400 in merchandise from chic boutique Frame in Soho.

Charged with grand larceny, he again pled the case down to a misdemeanor petty larceny charge — and this time was freed without serving any additional time behind bars.

Wright was picked up again on assault charges on May 13. According to a complaint in the case, the victim “was looking at her phone when she felt someone strike her about the face.”

Marcus Wright has 36 busts on his rap sheet.

The stunned victim looked up and “observed the defendant in front of her then walking away from her,” adding she suffered “redness, swelling to her face and substantial pain.”

However, the charges lodged against Wright in that case — third-degree assault and attempted assault, and harassment — are not eligible for bail under the state’s controversial 2019 bail reform measures, and he was allowed to walk while the case is pending.

Bragg has been under fire since taking over at the Manhattan DA’s office in January and announcing he would not seek prison time on a slew of charges and would downgrade felony charges in hordes of cases — including armed robbery and drug offenses. The embattled prosecutor later reversed some changes.

His office declined to comment on Wright’s cases on Thursday.

Additional reporting by Khristina Narizhnaya

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