Against Ukraine, Biden is sober |Opinion

The United States went to the fire, and Ukraine went to soup.

Uruguay did it.

Just do it.

Ukraine is at the front, and the United States is at the back.

Do it, do it, Biden is excited. Proposed to aid Ukraine another 40 billion US dollars!

40 billion, of course, is a lot of money. The whole world is staring at the money.

Against Ukraine, Biden is sober

In order to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, the United States has also done enough homework, and sent the clerks to South Korea for President Biden to sign the documents.

I believe that the whole world believes that Ukraine is going to make “war money”, and Zelensky is going to show off again and again.


When the purpose of the money was revealed to the world, people were shocked.

It turns out that almost all of the 40 billion US dollars that the United States supported Ukraine was spent on the United States itself, and basically nothing happened to Ukraine and Zelensky.

This ending, everyone did not expect, exceeded the expectations of Zelensky as the protagonist.

Against Ukraine, Biden is sober

After a long time,

The one who often dozed off,

shake hands with death,

The old man who fell at every turn,

Start a business and make money without being confused and shrewd.

Acting in his true colors trumps all performances. Zelensky was played a bit “miserable” by Biden.

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