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12 NYC Weed World trucks towed over $500k in parking tickets

What buzzkill.

The city sheriff’s office towed a dozen trucks operating for a marijuana edibles company – partly due to more than a half-million dollars in outstanding parking tickets, officials said.

The Weed World Candies trucks were seized from West 45th, 46th and 38th streets between Tenth and Eleventh avenues on Tuesday, a sheriff’s office spokesperson confirmed.

Some of the trucks were licensed to sell cannabis products and others were simply used for promotional purposes – but they were all out of service at the time, and Weed World owner Bilal Muhammad said he did not believe any products were on board.

The company’s current amount of parking ticket debt in judgment is $316,000, but the total outstanding parking debt is $504,000, the sheriff’s office said.

While some of the vehicles were seized due to the debt, others were parked illegally and were slapped with parking summonses before they were towed, according to the city agency.

The trucks owed a cumulative $500,000 in unpaid tickets.
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Muhammad told The Post in a phone interview that the debt racked up “over a period of years, a year before the pandemic, maybe.”

“It was contractors that we leased out vehicles to that were responsible for these tickets,” he said. “When the tickets were coming in, we were giving guys the benefit of the doubt [but] they didn’t pay it.”

The four contractors connected to the unpaid debt have been fired, Muhammad said.

Now the company is responsible for paying the fines – plus late fees around $200, according to the owner.

Weed World Truck
Weed World owner Bilal Muhammad said the tickets were the responsibility of the contractors who leased the vehicles.
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He said the company wants to “make good” on the fines, but is attempting to reach a settlement with the city that would only require them to pay half the amount and drop the late fees.

“The city ended up making this move before we ended up getting it sorted out,” Muhammad said.

Muhammad said the company has paid multiple fines in the past, adding that “the city makes quite good off of Weed World.”

During a morning appearance on NY1, Mayor Eric Adams commented on the towing of the Weed World Trucks.

“Rules are put in place and we have to figure out how to monitor, police and govern based on those rules,” Adams said. “What we are going to do is send a clear message that you can’t go outside the rules that are in place.”

While First Deputy Sheriff Maureen Kokeas told WNBC the truck seizures had “absolutely nothing to do with marijuana” and were merely related to the outstanding debt, Hizzoner said the city will crack down on illegal sales.

“Well, illegal sales, we’re not going to allow that,” he said. “And this truck, how they were going about doing it we’re still examining, but clearly we’re not going to allow illegal sales. These trucks may be failing right below the line, and we just have to continue to monitor, but it is a problem.”

Weed World has a Midtown retail location on Seventh Avenue near West 36th Street.

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